Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mystics of Gotay's Place

Yesterday a group of Honduran Garínagu youths met at my humble abode (also known as Gotay’s Place) to listen to Tomas Sanchez and I give a short talk on doing service for the Garífuna community.  They arrived through a contact of Tomas Sanchez, a friend of his from California.  This meeting was especially ‘mystical’ since my place had been blown away by a tornado less than one month ago. 

I had prepared something for the guests and I to eat, but first we joined some tables together to sit and talk about issues in the Garífuna community.  First, Tomas spoke about service to the Garífuna community and from there he was able to ease into a dialogue about issues of special import to the Garífuna community such as education, tourism and agriculture, with a special emphasis on tourism and agriculture.  Afterwards, I spoke of spirituality, what it means to our people and how it affects the modern Garínagu youths. 

If you would like to know more about this meeting or about Garífuna spirituality in general (or about the food I prepared for the group), I invite you to leave a comment or email me directly. 

Aba isieni,
Mariano Gotay